Can I purchase Nanuk products directly from you as a retail consumer?

Unfortunately, we only sell through distributors. However, our Nanuk products are available at a wide range of retail outlets across the country. Check out our “Where to Buy” page for a store near you.

Is my smoked salmon safe to eat?

Please note the instructions included on your product’s packaging. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you consume your salmon within three days of thawing, and keep it refrigerated during this time.

Is your salmon ready-to-eat? Does the product have to be cooked?

Our smoked salmon is ready-to-eat immediately after thawing, no additional cooking required.

For the non-smoked Nanuk products, please refer to the packaging for cooking instructions.

If you are pregnant please follow Health Canada’s recommendations on seafood consumption.

Is your salmon wild or farmed? Isn't farmed salmon bad?

Our products are sourced from both wild and farmed producers. All of the farmed producers we have relationships with have high aquaculture standards, including BAP/ASC certification. We only purchase responsibly caught, harvested, and/or sustainable seafood for the Canadian market. For more information on our commitment to stewardship and sustainability, please check out our “Stewardship” section on our website, or email us your specific questions.

Is your salmon gluten-free?

Fresh fish and seafood does not contain gluten. Under CFIA regulations, we are legally required to include all allergens on our labeling, including wheat.

What kind of salt do you use in your brine?

We only use kosher salt in our brine solution.

Is there sugar in your smoked salmon products?

Only our hot smoked products such as our Maple Smoked Nuggets have sugar added as part of the smoking process. You can verify the ingredients used to make each Nanuk product on the packaging.

Where are your products processed?

Our products are made in our own modern processing facility in Vancouver BC, Canada, using only premium, clean, natural raw materials and ingredients.